Directions to Old Settlers

The Randolph County Old Settlers Reunion is held in Huntsville, Missouri, county seat of Randolph County. It is located about forty miles northwest of Columbia, Missouri, and about five miles west of Moberly, Missouri. It is easily reached from Highways 24, 63, and 36. Huntsville is on Highway 24 between Salisbury and Moberly. To get to where most of the activities are you will want to take Route C off of Highway 24 into town. The Route C turn off in Huntsville is easily spotted as it is a large overpass with on and off ramps, and clearly marked. Coming from the west, you will want to take a left at the top of the on ramp. Coming from the east you will want to take a right. If you continue north on Route C, you will reach Downtown Huntsville. Some activites are held at the Old Fairgrounds (Sutliff Stadium). This is easily reached from Downtown by going South on Main Street/Route C and taking a left onto Route JJ. You will then take a right onto Lida Street, and then in less than a block take a left onto Adah Street. To reach us from Highway 63 go to Moberly, Missouri and then head west on Highway 24 and follow the directions above. If you are coming from Highway 36, you will want to go to Bevier, Missouri (six miles west of Macon) and head south on Route C for twenty three miles. If you want to use GPS to reach us, enter 110 South Main Street, Huntsville, Missouri 65259. This is the address of the Randolph County Old Courthouse in the heart of Downtown Huntsville. A word of warning though, we are a dead zone for some cellular phone companies. Below is a map of Huntsville for your convenience.