Catdaddy's Funky Fuzz-Bunker Band - Presented by Art's Appliance

We're excited to announce local artists, and winner of last years Battle of the Bands, Catdaddy's Funky Fuzz-Bunker Band will be performing Saturday, September 16th starting at 7PM. For those on the local music scene, they started kitten down back in June 14' and their jams have grown like a tsunami! They live to keep the JAMS alive in all of us! A passioniate & energetic group comprised of Joseph Edwards, Eddie Vickery, Jordan Tucker & Chris Fritschle. They blend many different style of music and art into their performances. Don't miss the opportunity to catch their electric performance, and as they like to say, keep it FuNkY!

Check out their Facebook Page at Catdaddy's Funky Fuzz-Bunker Band.